Using Experience to Recognize my Introverted Personality and Overcome

Is Being Middle Age a Secret Weapon?

Coming up next week  is a local real estate investor’s meeting.  In a previous post I mentioned how exhilarating attending an earlier meeting was – meeting people actively working in real estate who were speaking the language I have been reading for a decade.  

Despite my excitement, this meeting will actually be a challenge for me – I am not an  extrovert. By nature I am not outgoing, I do not enjoy being placed in groups, and am generally happier observing rather than calling attention to myself.

How the heck am I gonna work in real estate?   It is the ultimate people and relationship building business where your network helps determine success.  

Can I overcome that?

Yes, and the reason I know I can is in part because I’m middle aged.  This is one of those circumstances where my age works to my benefit and I can capitalize on the experience that I have already earned.  

Knowing myself (after rolling up a few miles) has allowed me to discover that I am a “learned extrovert”.  I have recognized my introverted personality, and have developed a skillset to overcome that tendency (and for this meeting, a challenge).  I understand when the situation calls for me to be outspoken or introduce myself to people, I can step outside myself and become outgoing.  

I am going to use a checklist as a crutch – nothing difficult, but three simple items that will force me to introduce myself to people and carry a conversation rather than hiding in the back of the room.

  1. Hand out five business cards to people
  2. Ask two people for recommendations for a real estate specific tax advisor
  3. Start the search for a couple people I could ask for advice as I move forward

Next week I will give you an update on what the meeting covered, if I hit my goals, and whether attending a real estate investing meeting is worthwhile.  

Published by The Middle Age Real Estate Agent

A husband and father working to cultivate success in real estate.

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