How to Ask for Help or Finding a Mentor

Reaching Out to Find Knowledge

After conducting research on the industry, I solidified my plan to become a real estate agent toward the last quarter of 2019. Obtaining my agent’s license felt like the right path to make connections and gain understanding in the business while also earning money for my efforts.

Part of that research included contacting the real estate agent who helped me purchase my home.  Successful real estate agents seem to hustle and focus their efforts. Knowing that helping me would take time away from them focusing directly on their business, I tried to streamline the process.  

Following tips learned from bigger pockets about how to reach out to people when asking for help, here are the steps I took:

  • I sent them a text asking if they would have a few minutes to speak with me
    • I also requested a specific amount of time so they knew I had an agenda
  • Once they agreed, we set an appointment to talk
  • As anxious as I was to get right to the point, building relationships is important, so I made certain to speak with them about their family
  • I asked questions I had prepared before the conversation and stayed on topic

The phone call went extremely well, and I had a great conversation with them.  Even better – the agency’s broker basically grabbed the phone from them and started talking to me, trying to answer all my questions. It was a very cool experience because it showed how much interest these people had in their industry,  and their willingness to help out a newbie with no immediate personal gain. Best yet, it solidified my determination to obtain my license.  

Is this agent or broker my mentor?  No, but they gladly answered my questions and provided advice.  Because I told them how much I appreciate their help, had prepared before we spoke, and did not waste their time I am confident I could obtain more advice moving forward.  

Do you see any steps I missed?  Leave a comment and let me know!  Or please share your own experience on reaching out to gain knowledge. 

Published by The Middle Age Real Estate Agent

A husband and father working to cultivate success in real estate.

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